Performance artist Romina De Novellis and Mauro Bordin, artist painter and photographer of De Novellis’ works, founded DOMUS.

The two Italian artists live and work in Paris, but they created this place because they both work on themes related to the Mediterranean.

Romina De Novellis deals with issues related to social structures, cultures of the people of the Mediterranean, political and economic tensions, analysis and denunciation of insult injustices (linked to women, to the question of gender and the classes of workers).

Mauro Bordin, instead, addresses the issue of nuclear power, air pollution, the impact of man on nature and the devastating effects of technology to Mediterranean cultures.

Together they are looking for funding and donations between France, Italy and Europe to grow this project and make it a non-profit experience to allow artists and curators to work on the sociocultural condition of women in the Mediterranean, but also more generally on the Mediterranean, on the issue of gender, migration, on the emergency of pollution in Salento and on all the political-financial relations that in this historical moment are engulfing the fate of the history of the Mediterranean.