Kreëmart - Identity in the Form of Taste

July 13 - A100 Gallery

Domus Artist Residency is pleased to host Raphael Castoriano, founder and director of Kreemart based in New York. The meeting will be hosted by Nunzia Perrone and Gigi Rigliaco in the spaces of the A100 GALLERY in Galatina, partners and co-organizers of the Domus Artist Residency project. An unscheduled program of our residences that allows the city of Galatina and our residence project to project itself into an even wider international context.
Raphael Castoriano is an art advisor, curator and producer, works with internationally renowned artists and emerging young artists: Marina Abaramovic, Maurizio Cattelan, Paola Pivi, Los Carpinteros, Maria José Arjona, Youssef Nabil, Regina Silveira, Rob Wynne, Romina De Novellis , Hector Zamora, Mariko Mori, Tony Oursler and many others.
Raphael Castoriano will talk about his curatorial projects and will present his Pastry Portrait. The encounter with the artists he collaborates are transformed into a tasty experience.

Raphael Castoriano , founder and director of  Kreemart

Raphael Castoriano, founder and director of Kreemart

Project History

  • 05/16/19 - Kreëmart and Tony Oursler present “MIND BLOW” at Galerie Mitterrand for Paris Gallery Weekend

  • 09/27/18- Kreëmart and Tony Oursler present “MIND BLOW” at Le Rosey to celebrate HUJ in Geneve

  • 10/03/17 – Kreëmart and Marina Abramovic, in collaboration with Ladurée, presents “Marina Abromovic Pastry Portrait ™” at Ladurée

  • 09/17/17 – Kreëmart revisits Valeska Soares "Push Pull" at Santa Barbara Museum of Art

  • 05/11/17 – Kreëmart presents Romina de Novellis “Inferno” at Circolo Ufficiali Della Marina Militare, Venice

  • 03/02/17 – Kreëmart and Angela Missoni presents Romina de Novellis “La Veglia” at Salotto Angela Missoni by Kreëmart, Missoni Store, NYC

  • 12/08/16 – Kreëmart, Marina Abromovic “Golden Lips – Marina 70” at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NYC

  • 12/01/16 – Kreëmart presents Daniel Lismore “Mimesis” at Art Basel Miami

  • 09/20/16 – Kreëmart, Marina Abramovic “Golden Lips” - Scopus Award Gala, Geneva

  • 06/13/16 – Kreëmart and Youssef Nabil present “Arabian Happy Ending” at Art Basel

  • 03/02/16 – Kreëmart and Romina de Novellis present “La Gabbia” at The Armory Show, NYC

  • 12/03/15 – Kreëmart presents Alexandre Errechea “More Beautiful Than Silence” at CIFO Miami Art Basel, Miami

  • 10/03/15 – Kreëmart presents Rirkrit Tiravanija “Tomorrow is on our tongue, as today pass from our lips” at CCBB, Brasilia

  • 04/21/15 – Kreëmart x Hector Zamora x Pierre Herme presents "But A Melon of for Ecstasy" at Palais de Tokyo, Paris

  • 02/14/15- Kreëmart revisits Baron Von Fancy "You're My Dug Of Choice" at Galeria Melissa Soho, NYC

  • 11/03/14- Kreëmart revisits Valeska Soares "Push Pull" at MOVE! Bienal SP, Brazil

  • 05/31/14- Kreëmart and Baron Von Fancy "You're My Drug Of Choice" at Grey Area, Hamptons

  • 04/22/14- Kreëmart and David Mramor present "John Doe" Art in General, NYC

  • 12/06/13- Kreëmart presents Valeska Soares "Push Pull" @ CIFO - Cisneros Fontanals Foundation Art Basel Miami

  • 09/20/13- Kreëmart presents Glenda Leon " Every word is a shape of time " at Fundacion Lazaro Galdiano, Madrid Art Week

  • 05/20/13 - Kreëmart present's Mariko Mori's "Pearl for Oneness" at Asia Society, Hong Kong

  • 12/17/12 - Kreëmart in collaboration with Toilet Paper presents Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari “Eating sweets whilst pregnant may make you fatter” @ Loft, NYC

  • 12/08/12 - Kreëmart presents Carlos Garaicoa's "Sweet & Safe" at CIFO during Miami Art Basel week

  • 09/12/12 – Kreëmart presents Kenny Scharf "Jello Bacchanalia" / Stephan Doitschinoff "CRAS" at ARTRIO

  • 06/06/12 - Kreëmart presents Kalup Linzy's "A Memorial for Taiwan" hosted by Whitney Museum, NYC

  • 04/30/2012 – Kreëmart presents Bastien Aubry/ Dimitri Broquard “Donuts” at SI-Swiss Institute Contemporary Art, NYC

  • 08/03/12 -Kreëmart and Paddle8 “Vitamin Pills” at The Armory Show, NYC

  • 12/02/12 - Kreëmart presents Maurizio Cattelan and the opening of the TOILET PAPER LOUNGE, NYC

  • 12/01/11 – Kreëmart presents Antoni Miralda "Digestible News" at CIFO, Miami Art Basel week

  • 11/29/11 - Kreëmart celebrates Art Basel Miami Beach 10th Anniversary with Regina Silveira, Richard Tuttle, Anselm Reyle, Paola Pivi, Ryan McNamara at W Hotel, Miami South Beach

  • 11/12/11 - Kreëmart, Marina Abramovic and Debbie Harry at Annual MOCA Gala, LA

  • 10/11/11 - Kreëmart, Marina Abramovic, "The Artist is Present", Silver and White Noses, Garage CCC, Moscow

  • 09/27/11 - Kreëmart, presents Angel Otero, Janaina Tschape, Maria Jose Arjona, Olaf Breuning, Terence Koh, Sandra Gamara, Ryan McNamara at American Patrons of the Tate, W magazine, Haunch of Venison Gallery, NYC

  • 12/02/10 – Kreëmart presents Los Carpinteros, "Brazo Gitano", CIFO, Miami during Miami Art Basel week

  • 06/01/10 - Kreëmart, Marina Abramovic "The Artist is Present", Golden Lips, Museum of Modern Art, NYC

  • 11/03/09 - Kreëmart and American Patrons of Tate presents Marina Abramovic, Mickalene

  • Thomas, Rob Wynne, Leandro Erlich at Haunch of Venison Gallery, NY

  • 11/02/08 – Kreëmart and American Patrons of Tate presents Ghada Amer and Reza Farkhondeh, Teresita Fernandez, Vik Muniz at Sant Ambreous, NYC


Vincenzo Santoro - Rite and Passion

5 July, Domus Artist Residency

Vincenzo Santoro  (writer)

Domus welcomed Vincenzo Santoro (writer) for a meeting with our residents Valentina Levy and Mouna Jemal, to speak about Rite and Passion in Tarantisme phenomenon. Vincenzo Santoro has been concerned with South Italy’s music and cultures for many years. His most important published works in this field is Il ritmo meridiano. La pizzica e le identità danzanti del Salento (with Sergio Torsello), Edizioni Aramirè, 2002; Uccio Aloisi. I colori della terra. Canti e racconti di un musicista popolare (with Sergio Torsello e Roberto Raheli), Edizioni Aramirè, 2004; Il Salento di Giovanna Marini (with Roberto Raheli), CD and book, Edizioni Aramirè, 2004; Il ritorno della taranta. Storia della rinascita della musica popolare salentina, CD and book, Squilibri 2009; Memorie della terra. Racconti e canti di lavoro e di lotta del Salento, CD and book, Squilibri 2010; Odino nelle terre del rimorso. Eugenio Barba e l’Odin Teatret in Salento e Sardegna (1973-1975), DVD and book, Squilibri, 2017; Rito e passione. Conversazioni intorno alla musica popolare salentina, Itinerarti Edizioni, 2019. He is currently head of the ANCI (Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani) Culture and Tourism Department.


Maurizio Nocera - Tarantism and Mythology

27 June - Domus Artist Residency

Maurizio Nocera at Domus Artist Residency

Maurizio Nocera at Domus Artist Residency

Born in 1947 in the province of Lecce, he is a teacher of Philosophy and Psychology at the Liceo pedagogico di Lecce. He has published: Lettere a "Pensionante de 'Saraceni" (1990); Harmony manufacturer (1998); Lamentation (2001); Totò Franz (2002); Spider bite. At the origins of tarantism (2005). He is a member of the scientific committee of "Altrove", a magazine of Sissc. Maurizio Nocera, carries out a report on a singular theme: "Marxism and states of Consciousness: a relationship to be clarified". Maurizio Nocera is provincial secretary of the ANPI of Lecce. We talked about Tarantismo and heard his point of you on Arachne and Athena's mythology as the commencement of the Tarantismo tradition for women and homosexuals.