DOMUS is a typical house, located in the heart of Salento, Apulia, in Galatina.  

DOMUS is a residence for artists and curators, it is an international meeting place to reside, to create, to share and to weave links between the various independent spaces located in the Mediterranean Basin and among the many artists and curators living and working in this area or inspired by this area.  

DOMUS is a place located in the center of the Mediterranean and has become the link between different cultures, and has becomes symbolic because of the opening of a dialogue between Italy and Europe, Europe and the Mediterranean, North Africa and Southern Europe.  

DOMUS is above all a residency dedicated to female artists and curators. Galatina, the city in which DOMUS is located in its historical center of Baroque and Medieval eras, was until the '60s the place where the women "Tarantate" went once a year to ask Saint Paul for forgiveness.  

The anthropologist Ernesto De Martino studied the phenomenon of “Tarantismo” in the late 50s and early 60s. After this study, unfortunately all traces of this phenomenon have been lost, because the local folklore of the “Notte della Taranta” and the patronal feast of Saint Paul have increasingly absorbed it.  

The “Tarantate” were women from a very poor social class, who worked the land and often were bitten by the tarantula (the spider). The bite of the tarantula poisoned the women’s bodies who then lived through a crisis of uncontrolled spasms leaving them collapsed on the floor.   

These crises took place at home, in front of all the family members. Only the music of the “Pizzica”, played by improvised musicians from the villages of Salento (butchers, carpenters...), was able to calm the crisis of these women who from that moment on they were called “Tarantate”. Every year, on Saint Paul's day, these crises returned and the Tarantate lived again this hysterical and convulsive state in front of all the inhabitants of the city of Galatina. On the day of Saint Paul, on June 29th, all the Tarantate coming from all the villages of Salento, were brought to Galatina on the main square and inside the Chapel of Saint Paul, where they expressed themselves and their entire crisis in front of all the public present. This scene was repeated every year on June 29th and until the early 60s, after which all traces of this phenomenon have disappeared. Anthropology later explained that these Tarantate did not suffer from any behavioral disorder. The Tarantate were women who found strength and a precise language to defend themselves from the violence they suffered and to publicly share their emotional and physical suffering.  

DOMUS is a place that welcomes first of all female artists and curators of the Mediterranean area. DOMUS is the opportunity to transform an intimate place of pain and closure, into a place of creation, sharing, meeting and dialogue between artists and curators from different cultures.                

The goal of the residence is to give a space to artists and curators in the Mediterranean area, to support their work, to create a network of contacts connecting individuals and independent spaces.  

DOMUS wants to spread the knowledge of the phenomenon of tarantism on an international level, but also wants to bring contemporary art to an Italian area which is poor in contemporary art museums, art centers and galleries. Salento is still an extreme land of Southern Italy, it is for this reason that starting from this land, we want to open up a reflection at an international level and we want to raise awareness among the Southern public to be moved by contemporary art. 

The female point of view will be a priority to approach these issues and Galatina, once again, becomes the homeland that welcomes women who need to say something and who need to share it with the public. 

This is DOMUS first year. Artists and curators are directly invited to spend one or two weeks in Galatina. Our guests are free to work on a theme they like and we will do our best to connect them with all local and national cultural operators.

DOMUS operates a residency program that runs from April to October each year. Located in the historical center of Galatina, only 45 minutes from Brindisi Airport and 15 minutes from Lecce by car.  

A curator and an artist will always work together and they will work on a common project, already started, or totally new.  

DOMUS offers accommodation for one artist and one curator for a period of one or two weeks. Each guest has a big room with private bathroom and toilet. Rooms are very big (40/50 m2) and guests can work inside.   

Residents can use the kitchen and all the outdoor spaces: the private courtyard, the large balcony and the roof terrace. DOMUS is a big house of 200 m2 and 200 m2 of outdoor space. Ceilings are with barrel and star vaults. The space is ideal for creating large-format works and the silence and tranquility of the place allows maximum concentration.  

The entire DOMUS team is present throughout the duration of the stay, this is to accompany the artists and curators in the moments of creation, but also to create the network of contacts and familiarize the artists with the territory.  

For the moment DOMUS is a free and independent project, born from the will of two Italian artists to share the house and ideas with other artists and curators.  

Romina De Novellis and Mauro Bordin finance the project and will make available all their resources to make the residence pleasant and professional.   

The support of public institutions, collectors, foundations, associations, galleries, etc. will allow this project to evolve and grow. Our goal is to give space to artists and curators to work in a context that enables them to take charge of their goals and creates a support network for their ideas and their needs.        



179, rue Saint-Maur 75010 Paris France 

DOMUS via Arco Cadura, 15/16 73013 Galatina




Performance artist and co-founder of the DOMUS residency.




Painter and visual artist, his work is an investigation into the relationship between man and environment. The conflict between the self and the other. Between the individual and society, between the life and death. His paintings are staged, sometimes dramatic, sometimes ironic of this conflict.



Art student and general secretary of the DOMUS project.



A100 Gallery.

Lawyer, Expert in Communication and Human Resource Management. With over ten years of experience in the contemporary art scene, she is actively involved in the management and curation of exhibitions and art events. She is the founder and director of A100 Gallery, a non-profit art space.



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